Tuesday, 22 June 2010

"Remembering Amir Khan (1912-1974)"

After the overwhelming success of the programme on Etawah Gharana ("The Great Masters of Etawah") ... we (Amlanda and me) did a presentation on the great vocalist Ustad Amir Khan at the Vivekananda Hall, Rama Krishna Mission Institute of Culture. This was also a success.

Let me share the playlist from the concert...

1. Title (Charukeshi & Bairagi) - Ustad Amir Khan
2. Adana (78rpm) - Ustad Amir Khan
3. Suha Sughrai (78rpm) - Ustad Amir Khan
4. Ustad Abdul Wahid Khan - Darbari Kanada
5. Ustad Rajab Ali Khan - Nayaki Kanada
6. Ustad Aman Ali Khan - Hamsadhwani
7. Ramdasi Malhar (LP) - Ustad Amir Khan
8. Malkauns (unpublished 1954 concert recording) - Ustad Amir Khan
9. Marwa (unpublished 1955 concert recording) - Ustad Amir Khan
10. Hamsadhwani (concert recording) - Ustad Amir Khan
11. Bandish Ki Thumri in Khamaj - Ustad Amir Khan
12. Rageshri (video) - Ustad Amir Khan
13. Bihag (last concert in Kolkata) - Ustad Amir Khan
14. Darbari (concert recording with a slideshow of photos in the background) - Ustad Amir Khan

I have uploaded one file from the presentation.
This recording is from the last concert of Amir Khansahab in Kolkata.
Raga Bihag
It's an audio track with a photo of the Ustad in the background.
Here it is --- 

Bihag - Ustad Amir Khan (last concert in Kolkata)

BTW I shared this link with Amir Khansahab's group on Facebook... and a fan of Amir Khansahab, Bhuvanesh Bhatt, uploaded a MP3 of the whole performance on Mediafire.

Here it is --- 

MP3 - File size 161 MB

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