Monday, 2 February 2015


The raga Charukeshi's origin is shrouded in mystery.
Some believe that it's the raga Zilaf composed by Hazrat Amir Khusru and it belongs to the Bhairav Thaat.

However the fact remains that Charukeshi, in it's present form, entered Hindustani Classical music from Carnatic Classical Music only recently. And a majority of Ustads haven't performed this raga until recently. Traditional vocal compositions are also rare to come by in this raga in it's present form.
There is also a disagreement among musicians about the time of performance of this raga.

However, if we can keep all these aside, Charukeshi is such a beautiful raga.
For me it's 'sukoon'.
My absolute favourites in this raga are Ustad Amir Khansahab's 'laaj rakho tum mori gusaiyan' in Madhyalaya Teental, my Ustadji's composition in Rupak and Ustad Rais Khan's composition in Drut Teentaal.

Here, is a clip from a concert of mine where I have played that composition of my Ustadji set to Rupak taal.
Many musicians were there in the audience and their 'daad' at the right places made it even more enjoyable.
On the tabla is the young Unmesh Banerjee, disciple of his father Pandit Sunil Banerjee, Vidwan S Sekhar, and Pandit Shankar Ghosh.

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